Partnership Requirements Updated!

In order to make our partnership program more transparent, we want to be more vocal about changes to the criteria of the program, and this blog post marks our first step in that direction!

Thanks to some awesome lawyer people (I'm looking at you TH!), we're now able to extend partnership to Beam users under the age of 18, and starting today, you'll see this change reflected in our partnership requirements and application process!

It's a small change, but one we believe will help us reward more awesome Beam community members with Beam partnership.

There's always room for improvement and increased transparency, and we want it to be a huge focus for us moving forward. We ask you continue to hold us accountable to communicating changes transparently and clearly. We can always improve, and want to hear from you (even if it means we messed up).

You can read our full list of requirements over on our partnership knowledgebase article, and tips to improve your stream in the Partnership section of!