Week of Awesome!

Hard to believe it’s only been one week since we announced that Microsoft acquired Beam! Beam HQ has been full-time balloons and confetti since, the excitement is through the roof! Twitter has been a party zone too; we love sharing the hype fest with you. Your party gif game has been on point!

While we’re all celebrating, we want to make sure you don’t miss the other important changes that happened this week. Here are the things of note, stay tuned to the Changelog Forums for a more in depth list.

Resizeable Chat

Have you ever wished for a different size chat window, or none at all? Well, wish granted! With a simple click and drag, you can resize the chat, even completely collapsing it. To restore a collapsed chat, just click the bar on the right side of the page, and it pops right back!

Design Tweaks

The browse and stream team pages got a bit of a face lift, and now feel cleaner and oh so pretty. You can see the team members at a glance, and whether they’re online. Head to beam.pro/browse/teams and let us know what you think!

Verified Social Accounts

See my fancified Twitter icon? That means I’m “the one and only” Graphoniac on Twitter! You can get your own verified Twitter button with the Oauth Twitter link in your account settings. This will also help others know which accounts are fans of yours, and which account is actually yours!

Monstercat on Beam!

Monstercat has announced that their licensing now covers Beam streamers! If you already have a streaming license, you are allowed to stream their music on Beam. To apply for whitelisting, head to their website, here: monstercat.com/account/services

Chat Replay and Activity Graphs

VoDs are cooler than ever, with chat replay available for all now! You can also keep up with a live chat while you’re watching a VoD, it’ll be tabbed in the chat window for you. Also, my moderator friends, you can breathe easy: you’ve still got your moderation tools in chat replay mode! As if that wasn’t cool enough, you can quickly find the most exciting parts of a stream by watching the activity graph on the VoD. Gif makers rejoice!

New Datacenters Online!

We also put a lot of effort into improving setup and performance across the site. FTL, for example, should be easier to use, and we’ve added new ingests in Milan, Paris, Brazil, Sydney, Mexico, Hong Kong and Tokyo and doubling the capacity in the US and Europe. This brings our data center total to 16 worldwide! There are really quite a lot of other bug fixes and performance tweaks. Make sure you’re watching the Changelog Forums to catch them all.

We’d like to thank all of you for supporting us, and for joining in with all the hype this week. We wouldn’t be here without you. Looking forward to sharing many more awesome weeks with you!

Amelia Carter, Director of Partnerships